Toespraak Amal Alzughayyar 19 november

There are no limits to Zionist depravity. I spoke to all of you a couple of weeks ago and little has changed since. The Zionist occupation forces have continued their routine of starvation, genocide, forced displacement, and utter humiliation of the citizens in Gaza.

Not a week after we had the first demonstration here in Enschede, the Israeli occupation forces started a savage ground invasion in the ruins of the prison that we call Gaza. The Zionists claim this operation was to accelerate their goal to destroy and neutralize Hamas. However as time goes by, it is becoming increasingly clear that the ground invasion’s true purpose is to further agonize and terrorize the already devastated civilians in Gaza.

Israeli snipers have heavily besieged the biggest hospital complex; Al Shifa Hospital. The “brave” and “noble” occupation forces have waged a war on injured people in ICU’s and premature babies in their incubators in the hospital. These children that I speak of now have all been abandoned and killed as Israel had given the hospital only a couple of hours to evacuate and leave behind all of their patients, and let’s not to forget that the electricity was cut off, which was playing a huge rule in keeping those innocent babies alive.
This was all based on the shaky and completely unjustifiable assumption that Hamas has its headquarters built within Al Shifa Hospital, a claim that has been refuted numerous times by independent analysts and human rights organizations. And even with this unbacked-false claim, they have gone through and committed the wicked act of collective punishment on an entire population of injured patients and sheltering, displaced Gazans in the hospital, And while the Israeli regime has to turn to lazy propaganda involving planted weapons and laptops, calendars containing the days of the week, and poorly rendered animations of a tunnel network, we don’t need to resort to this dehumanizing and frankly embarrassing form of victimization. Instead, we present you hard, scathing evidence of the gruesome and deplorable war crimes that Israel has committed in the Gaza Strip.

Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed except for the grim and continuously growing numbers of deaths of the guiltless and helpless civilians. And as of today, we are looking at more than 13,000 deaths since the start of this ordeal, with over 4,000 being children. The occupation continues to commit abhorrent crimes against humanity in Gaza, including yesterday, where the war criminals bombed and shelled the United Nations-affiliated school, Al Fakhoura, killing over 200 civilians sheltering away from the horrifying massacres that are being carried out by the occupation, as well as bombing the Bureij refugee camp, where two of the victims killed were journalists, our true heroes, Sari Mansour and Hassouna Salim.

Everyday we see another child that has lost their family, or lost their limbs and their dreams. We see maimed and mutilated bodies of victims from airstrikes that have been disfigured beyond recognition. We see mothers bawling as they hunch and mourn over their dead children. We see buildings upon buildings destroyed and collapsed onto the fragile, and very HUMAN bodies of the Gazans. What more do they have to show us? I ask the world; is this really not enough to hold Israel and the occupation accountable for the heinous acts they have committed? Are the people of Gaza lesser human beings to you for you to just turn a blind eye and go on with your lives naturally while the Palestinians, who deserve the right to LIVE and exist like everyone else, are being wiped out? Israel is not above the law, no one is, and these child murderers should not be able to get away with everything they’ve committed against us Palestinians, not just the last month, but the last almost century.

What we need right now is an immediate, unconditional ceasefire and an end to this vicous and barbaric occupation. I think I speak for everyone here that it is absolutely appalling and inhumane that there have been rejections to the calls for a ceasefire; the world has failed the Palestinians yet again, and if this goes on, the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians will only continue, and the phrase ‘human rights’ will have lost its meaning, becoming nothing more than Western myth.
Entire families have been killed in the past month, hundreds of them being wiped out from the civil registry. Entire lineages ERASED from existence. This is a systematic and deliberate genocide of the Palestinians and one that didn’t just start in the recent ongoing events, but for the last 75 years. 75 years Palestinians have been under this brutal occupation and apartheid, where my people are treated unfairly and unjustly, allowing settlers to attack and invade their homes.
75 years of the wrongful and illegal detainment of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza, including both women and children in Israeli prisons, where they are tortured and humiliated while the soldiers take amusement in their misery as they so proudly showcase to us.
75 years of being treated like a lesser race, a race unworthy of human rights and respect. This dehumanization has allowed this occupation to continue, with full support of the West, and has caused irreversible damage and trauma , but what it will not do is get rid of us. We will always remain on this land, and it is ours. The Palestinians will continue to resist and persevere, and we will never ever, as we continue to live, give up to cowardly, baby-killing war criminals.

So continue speaking up for them. Continue the unwavering support for the Palestinians, and condemnation of the occupation and don’t stay hidden away from the truth. Because one day, Palestine WILL BE FREE!